When you’re riding a motorcycle, do you hover your foot over the rear brake at all times?

Answer to When you’re riding a motorcycle, do you hover your foot over the rear brake at all times (uncomfortable for me), or do you keep your foot on the peg or slightly to the right of the lever? by Michael Abbott https://www.quora.com/When-you-re-riding-a-motorcycle-do-you-hover-your-foot-over-the-rear-brake-at-all-times-uncomfortable-for-me-or-do-you-keep-your-foot-on-the-peg-or-slightly-to-the-right-of-the-lever/answer/Michael-Abbott-66?ch=99&share=01a4d0ee&srid=XHrmk

What causes motorcycle ‘high sides’

Answer to I have a general idea of what power bands mean when talking about motorcycles. I’ve also heard that some bikes have power bands that can get new riders in trouble. How? by Michael Abbott https://www.quora.com/I-have-a-general-idea-of-what-power-bands-mean-when-talking-about-motorcycles-I-ve-also-heard-that-some-bikes-have-power-bands-that-can-get-new-riders-in-trouble-How/answer/Michael-Abbott-66?ch=99&share=1293500f&srid=XHrmk

Moped tuning

Answer to Moped help? I was wondering if anyone knows anything about putting 150cc carburetor in a 50cc moped. I put a racing cdi in it. Don’t know if I need to replace anything else? What if I only put the new carburetor in? by Michael Abbott https://www.quora.com/Moped-help-I-was-wondering-if-anyone-knows-anything-about-putting-150cc-carburetor-in-a-50cc-moped-I-put-a-racing-cdi-in-it-Don-t-know-if-I-need-to-replace-anything-else-What-if-I-only-put-the-new-carburetor-in/answer/Michael-Abbott-66?ch=99&share=1ccdb94c&srid=XHrmk