Can you brake and turn a motorcycle at the same time?

Yes, but it requires a degree of skill to prevent locking a wheel and falling.

At low speed when manoeuvring you use the rear brake to control the speed with the engine set at a fast turnover and slipping the clutch.

At speed, the safest option is also to use the rear brake whilst cornering if you need to slow, but this should be avoided if possible by slowing before the corner and using the ‘limit point’ — the furthest ate a of tarmac you can see — to judge the entry speed.

You can use the front brake mid corner, but this is risky and requires a very gentle initial pressure whilst the weight transfers forward onto the front tyre Increasing the level of grip.

Racers ‘trail brake’ into corners using mainly the front brake, which maintains the weight on the front tyre, gradually releasing the pressure as the lean angle increases. This is very risky on the road, leaving no safety margin.

Some modern motorcycles have ‘leaning’ ABS which is designed to stop wheels locking and skidding whilst cornering, but this may not prevent a fall when braking at extreme lean angles.

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