Should I buy another motorcycle?

Difficult question to answer.

I assume you are looking at returning to motorcycling after a break, which many do later in life when the family has grown.

Firstly you have to be aware of the risks.

You are 66 times more likely to have a fatal collision than driving a car, and you will take a while to get used to riding again, so you need to be very careful.

The DVSA launched ERS a special training scheme aimed at ‘born again bikers’ some years ago, due to the extent of the problem.

But, there is nothing quite like riding a motorcycle, the experience is life affirming and intense, and for many well worth the risk. There is an overwhelming sense of freedom for many, for some strange reason, which is addictive.

Be prepared for it initially to be quite scary and not as you remembered, until your competence returns with a little practise. Then remember to always be alert.

Consider taking some advanced training, or using a local bike school for a refresher.

Take care.

Patricia Stiemke, one of our customers writes:-

I still remember deciding to get back into motorcycles after a near to 30 year absence. Being completely ignorant about what kind of bike I should have, I went and bought a Deauville, one of those 240 kg beasts. The dealer was a very kind man and he explained everything and then went away as he realised I was super nervous. I sat in that parking lot for nearly 20 minutes before I actually felt able to ride the bike off it and into general traffic. I was a bit on the wobbly side for quite a while and yes, I did realise I would need help so I started with our local BikeSafe, which in Essex, is called FireBike and is, as the name implies, run by the Fire Department. I joined an advanced motorcycle group and started training for the ROSPA test and I signed up for a coaching track day. That last experience sealed my fate because I had found exactly my style. Challenging bends and being comfortable at speed. I have not looked back and the Deauville got traded it pretty quick for a ’99 ZX-6R. 🙂

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