A free training day for a young rider on 25th July 2019

We are offering a free training day for a young rider aged 15-17 on 25th July 2019, which includes use of a new Yamaha R3, helmet, leathers, gloves and boots courtesy of Yamaha’s Partner Track Bike Hire UK.

2017_YZF-R3_DPBMC_AU_ACT_004_1280x960 (1)

Entrants are simply asked to send in an email to mike@britishsuperbikeschool.co.uk with their name, age and contact details, answering  this question ‘What is the official prime cause of motorcycle road accidents‘? Personal information will not be used for marketing purposes.

Permission is required from parent or guardian who must attend all day – 8 am to 5.00 pm.

The young rider will attend our usual rider’s course with the older riders, but will be assigned a personal track coach who will be with the rider on track to try and make the day as safe as we can.

The track we use is Blyton Park owned by Ginetta, which was purpose built in 2010 and is safer than most of the old tracks having little Armco, no gravel traps and tarmac run offs almost everywhere.

The track is marshalled by Blyton and our own coaches, with two teams of paramedics and a fire truck in attendance, to try and make the days as safe as we reasonably can, but like every other high speed motorsport there are obvious physical risks.

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