Training for Young Riders

Below is a link to a PowerPoint presentation called ‘Twang’, which was designed by David Bryant of the Retford College of Vehicle Technology when he ran an ATB (Motorcycle School). He is now a DVSA Examiner.

‘Twang’ was developed from ‘SharpRider’ which is the DVSA’s Enhanced Rider Scheme in the form of a day’s workshop, for Safer Roads South Yorkshire.

SharpRider was originally designed, developed and delivered for Andy Adlington of the Derbyshire’s Road Safety Partnership.

Young riders are at very high risk – motorcycling overall is 57 times more hazardous than driving car, and the additional factors of being a teenager and inexperienced put them at an even higher risk.

We think the main risk is in allowing 17 year olds to go from a 50cc twist and go to a 125cc geared bike, which are very different, far faster and more complex to ride, and are best ridden differently and more assertively as they can easily keep up with the traffic. However this can cause additional risks without proper training.

There are two main aspects, bike control and additional hazard awareness. We can teach bike control to young riders 15 years and above on the track, as can some other track schools. Off-road schools are also good and tend to be less expensive.

Link to TWANG Presentation – free to use for non-commercial purposes.